FINIX trading

FINIX trading is dedicated to providing trading systems and trading courses along with excellent customer service to the professional and retail trading community. Our knowledge, experience and professionalism allows us to better serve our clients investment objectives.  With all major markets and exchanges traded, FINIX TRADING provides traders the edge to stay ahead and prosper.

'Those who can, do, those who cannot, teach' is an often heard frase; therefore we demonstrate our tradingsystems everyday in the live trade room during the morning and afternoon London trading sessions.

Our Harmonic Pattern Recognition Scanner (HPRS) can analyse every market, every timeframe and every market conditon. 

-trade what you see, not what you think- 


UPDATE 23/12/2011: We are automating our tradingsystem for LYNX Brokers. Live trading is suspended until further notice.

UPDATE 22/05/2012: If you are interested in participating in a live trade-room or a professional trading course please let us know via twitter, facebook or e-maill ( PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.  

UPDATE 29/05/2012: Our automated trading system made it's first test trades on the EURUSD.   


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